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Implementation of iron Qingzhen High Bay Village agricultural production development assistance will finance in accordance with the Ministry of finance of the people's Republic of China enacted "non profit organization accounting intuit quickbooks 2014 pro system" and "accounting law".

1, according to accrual basis accounting subjects, establish good subjects: accounting general ledger, subsidiary ledger account ledger, cash accounting, intuit quickbooks online login   bank accounting, cost accounting ledger and farmers.

2, financial personnel must be carefully recorded each a balance, and strictly examine the accounting document, original vouchers, timely take account, account, occur in the accounting period expense and revenue accounting, do clean, complete, accurate, clear, timely reflect the economic operations.

3, improve accounting  intuit quickbooks online login  work, to document the basis for each business, must be based on the actual time and amount recorded collection project, each in 30 must not cross bar account, accounting; accounting and cashier personnel each must check loan account (account) to the general ledger and sub ledger balance, at any time to check, cash account, bank account at the end of each check, do accounts, accounts, accounts, accounts, accounts according to real time all.

4, make the financial statements and reports. Financial statements should reflect the actual amount according to the intuit quickbooks help  general ledger and accounting books record, every time (No. 3) to the association responsible person submit various statements (balance sheet, income statement, statement of fees, bank reconciliation report, trial balance and loan and recovery of El Zhang Qingdan), responsible for the financial statements received after should strictly check, research, analysis and evaluation of the data and the accuracy, rationality and timeliness, if there are differences, should identify the reasons, feedback, make account adjustment process.

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